War stories

GEOFFREY BINGHAM, 1919 – 2009, was an Australia author, soldier, prisoner of war, farmer, Anglican minister, evangelist, missionary, theologian, entrepreneur and down-to-earth thinker about life, love and community.

Bingham on the ship home after WWII

In his late teens he began studies at Moore Theological College, but joined the army when World War II broke out, despite inclinations to pacifism. He was assigned to the 8th Division Signals and left for Malaya in February 1941.

A year later, he earned a Military Medal for outstanding courage and leadership under fire as Singapore fell to the Japanese. For the rest of the war, with a badly smashed leg, he was a prisoner in the Changi and Kranji camps.

The experiences of the war, especially the suffering of POWs in the Japanese camps, shaped or broke the faith of Christians who lived through them.

Bingham was one whose faith was immensely strengthened and he developed a powerful and practical philosophy of how the law of love, the love Jesus Christ exemplified, could shape human behaviour and create community even amid extreme degradation.

His war stories will be added for download below shortly. They can also be downloaded together as a ZIP file in the New Creation archive


War stories by Geoffrey Bingham

Some stories in these books are on topics other than war

Title & PDF Download Code
Angel Wings 4
Artist_in_the Garden (The) 402
At the End of His Tether 6
Boy in the Valley (The) 334
Boy the Girl & the Man (The) 206
Concentration Camp (The) 38
Days & Dreams of Arcady (The) 46
Laughing Gunner (The) & selected war stories 333
Lion on the Road (The) 338
Mr Hicken’s Pears 343
Mr Piffy Comes Home 337
No Life Without Dryads 383
Primarily for Parsons (3 short stories ) 188
124_Raymond (The) and Other Stories 124
Return of the Lorikeets (The) 342
To Command the Cats & Other Stories 144
Vandal (The) 241
Glory on the Inside: Three Special Stories 429
Short_Story_of_the Love of Faith (A) 405
I Saw, in the Night, Visions 85
Stranger in the Cemetery (The) 254
Where Conies Dwell 280
God and the Ghostown 67
This Building Fair 211