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Best Razor For Shaving Pubic Hair 2022

#01 – Philips Norelco BG1026/60, Bodygroom Series 1100, Showerproof Body Hair Trimmer and Groomer for Men




This is a good little product, however it has a couple of major problems. Because it is underpowered to begin with, the entire procedure takes substantially longer. Second, and far more crucially, the detachable plastic trimmer head is far too easily broken off, rendering it almost unusable. It’s a great deal for what you receive, and it delivers exactly what it claims; no compromises.

Like shaving with a dull razor, each stroke hooks and pulls. Shaving my face took a long time for me. Don’t waste any more time.

Making a shaver/trimmer for the second time. It’s lightweight and manoeuvrable. This simple on/off switch with two guards can’t go wrong!


  • Great, lightweight and simple shaver/trimmer


  • Works great for girls too



#02 – Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere Razor for Men with Dual Lubrication and Precision Trimmer, Handle & 16 Cartridges (Cartridges fit Solimo Razor Handles only)




Razors are a bit of a bore. We’ve tried some of the worst razors we’ve ever encountered. We know we already paid for all of these razors, but after using two (in the hopes that the second wouldn’t be as horrible as the first), I’m not sure we want to finish the rest of the box.

Given the price, it’s a pretty good bargain. The moisture stripper is effective, and the blades are razor-sharp. Shaves close but not as near as the Gillette, which is more expensive. If we haven’t shaved in 2-3 days, we receive a slight pull, which we don’t get with the Gillette – possibly due to the blades’ angle of attack. But it’s a million times better than the Harry’s We have.

Look no further if you’re a woman tired of paying a tiny amount for cheap plastic pink razors. These are incredible! We enjoy how the handle’s head flexes to fit knees, ankles, and other joints, and the blades arrived sharp and well-organized. The first blade has only been with us for a week, yet it hasn’t dulled in the least.

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This purchase has brought me great joy. My only critique is that it took me a long to figure out how to snap the blade onto the handle because the angle has to be just right, but aside from that, this is a fantastic tool!


  • A great value, good razor


  • Very pleased



#03 – Gillette Venus Sensitive Disposable Razors for Women with Sensitive Skin




They were fantastic razors that produced a very close shave. My hubby was enthralled by my silky legs.

These are excellent value for money. The moisturising strips are really effective in reducing razor burn and pimples. It’s inexpensive enough to keep in your travel pouch, and you won’t notice it if you misplace it or leave it behind at a hotel.

They’re far superior to those fragile, low-cost razors. Personally, We prefer FAB razors (those that shave in both directions), but my mother has a history of throwing away my belongings.

We don’t know if it’s because We allowed my leg hair grow to chubacca proportions during the pandemic, but regular disposable razors weren’t cutting it.


  • Nice disposable razors


  • Sleek & Smooth!



#04 – Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Moisturizing Razor for Women with Bikini Trimmer,1 Count




We’ve bought this product several times and have used it for around five years. Although we loathe the razor, we believe that this is a matter of personal preference. My favourite part is the trimmer side because it’s so easy to use and manage the length that’s left. Removing the safety cover and giving it a quick rinse in the shower is a breeze. Before the battery needs to be replaced, We can use this device for about a year. This product has been recommended to all of my friends!

This razor does an excellent job. It’s efficient and easy to use; We frequently use it in the shower to achieve a clean, accurate cut. Awesome. My only complaint is that We usually have to change it every year or two. When it quits operating, just replace the battery, believing it’s the battery, but nothing happens.

This little trimmer is incredible. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Other therapies we’ve attempted have resulted in the slicing of my lady bits. It was able to do a highly intricate job without suffering any injuries because to this gadget. It’s also the perfect size for navigating the female anatomy. It was able to get my desired look in just a few minutes! There was a lot of hair on us.


  • Great! Love it! But it dies. And I buy it again


  • Heaven sent!



#05 – Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body, Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver, QP2630/70




We usually use it to shave both my cheeks and neck while trimming my beard; if you take your time, you’ll get fantastic results and a wonderful clean shave without the use of water or other cosmetics. Hair, on the other hand, becomes stuck in the trimming combs, which must be cleaned frequently.

It was a dream come true to have a razor that could do it all. We only wish we could have known what was in store for me. Keep in mind that this might have been totally my fault, so I’m not passing judgement or judging anyone here; I’m merely describing what happened to me in the hopes of protecting someone else from a similar predicament.

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We discovered it after noticing him running something along his cheek during a business meeting and asking what he was doing and what that device that looked like a razor was. He explained that he didn’t have time to shave before the meeting and was shaving with the Philips Norelco OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver.


  • Shaving performance is great for a 2 or 3 day growth. Fast and easy on the skin too


  • 8 hour charging time seems excessive for 45 min of run time, but 45 min equals a lot of shaves for me. Average shave time is 5 min



#06 – Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women, Cordless 3 Blade Razor, Pop-Up Trimmer, Close Curves, Wet Dry Operation, Independent Floating Heads – ES2207P




If you have a traditional bathroom shaver 115v outlet with side-by-side 115v / 230v sockets, the charging brick is completely useless because it connects directly to the shaver: the shaver on the socket sticks out horizontally, putting strain on the socket. It would be advantageous to have a lead. When you use a traditional straight-through charger to charge on a socket, the outside of the charger warms up to roughly 80°C, decreasing the charger’s life.

This is a godsend for someone who despises shaving! We apologise for the lengthy review; however, we are confident that the information provided will help you make an informed conclusion!

However, less than two months after receiving and using the device, it just fell off my soap-slippery hand and stopped operating. We didn’t make it a priority because we assumed We had a two-year warranty. Now we’ve discovered that the company’s guarantee only covers clients in the United States, leaving Canadians with little recourse. The purchase was made seven months and one week ago.


  • Its absolutely lovely and is the best electric shaver I’ve ever used. Provides a close shave, works great both wet with water/shaving cream and dry without, the blades and trimmer are precise, the blade is quoted to last up to a year before it needs replacing the hypoallergenic metal is amazing


  • It’s a bit expensive, and the included warranty is only for the USA not Canadian residents



#07 – Remington PG6250 WetTech Lithium Powered Head, Beard, & Body Grooming Kit, Trimmer (8 Pieces)




On a weekly basis, this tiny man helps me maintain a tight, clean appearance by fast trimming my entire head down. Whether dry or wet, this set of clippers cuts through the work with ease (wet is by far preferred). The charge lasts a long time, and the power appears steady until the battery is nearly depleted and needs to be refilled. Even when used in the shower, the guards and body trimmer components are great and do not clog with hair.

The stainless steel blades become extremely hot after a minute of usage, making it difficult to operate; however, we’re not sure if we received a damaged unit or if this is a common occurrence.


  • Easy, fast, reliable, and keeps it tight


  • Insanely hot blades, trimming not worth the burns..



#08 – Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream – Painless Hair Removal For Men – Soothing Depilatory Cream For Unwanted Coarse Male Body Hair, 6.8 Oz




Simply follow the guidelines. It’s not meant to be used on your Nads, but it is. A photo would be included, but that would be excessive.

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It’s great stuff; it doesn’t burn or have a strong odour, but it does have a very faint odour. The vast majority of those who complain do so blatantly to b***h. We had our worries about the effectiveness and chemical burns, yet neither is a problem for non-allergic people.

It works well, however we recommend taking it with caution, especially if you have fair skin or hair. It took me several tries to get it just right without getting a chemical burn. It is, however, incredibly effective when done correctly.


  • Works perfectly!!!





#09 – Micro Touch SOLO Men’s Rechargeable Full Body Hair Trimmer, Shaver and Groomer




Excellent product, possibly the best in terms of quality and price on the market.

The body of the device is pleasant to handle, but the charging connector is quite inconvenient. Heads are fragile and easily broken. The device is prone to snagging on loose skin.

This trimmer should be avoided at all costs. We looked at some YouTube videos for reviews before making a purchase based on their recommendations. However, it began to produce problems 20 days (4-5 shaves) after purchase. It irritates the skin and causes hair to fall out. It would not suggest such a thing.


  • Amazing Shaver / Trimmer


  • Do not waste your money



#10 – Schick Hydro 5 Electric Shaver and 5 Blade Razor for Men with Adjustable Comb for Beard Trimming




This little trimmer fills a valuable niche for those quick trims that don’t require the classic Wahl electric haircutter. The new trimmer attachment also reduces the risk of collateral damage from a missed cut, which would otherwise need the use of the previous Wahl to cover up the mistake with a buzz/brush cut. The razor is a good feature as well, as it eliminates the need for two shaving devices in your travel suitcase.

If the trimmer wasn’t so useless, it may be attractive. The hair is tangled, yet it isn’t trimmed. It’s also smaller than the trimmer on the competitor’s device, which we bought to replace in order to save a few bucks, as previously indicated. It appears that on my way out.


  • The razor head can be swapped out with any regular Gilette cartridge. They’re reasonably priced and easy to find. we appreciate not moving to a specially designed head for these
  • The trimmer works well and gets the job done adequately. Don’t go in expecting the same trimmer as you’d get in an electric razor, though
  • The grip is non-slip, even when wet


  • The bulky unit makes shaving awkward compared to the traditional thin handles. Especially if you like shaving against the grain on your upper lip like we do
  • The razor just doesn’t have enough heft. It doesn’t feel substantial in the hand



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