Best Double Edge Razors 2022 – Here we have shared our best products based on category. We have done our research for you guys. We have also added a buying Guide.

Best Double Edge Razors 2022

#01 – 100 Feather Razor Blades NEW Hi-stainless Double Edge




The awful side feels more like a roto tiller than a razor from the first stroke. After much struggle, we finally made it to the second last box. There appears to be only one decent side to this box.

We bought these after my girlfriend gave me a double-edged razor handle as a gift. According to reports, these are the sharpest, bestest blades ever! They are, in fact, rather sharp.

The clarity is outstanding. However, before snagging and nicking the skin, the blade barely lasts 4-6 shaves. When it comes to per-shave cost, however, cartridge raisers at this price point offer far better value and hygiene.


  • Very sharp unless they aren’t


  • Best double-edged razor blades I’ve ever used



#02 – Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades, 100 Count



However, we do have quite coarse facial hair. These blades are stated to be designed for hair that is softer and oilier, which could explain my issue. Blades like BiC Chrome Platinum, Shark Super Chrome, and Feather have given us excellent results, and we would highly recommend them if Derby Extra isn’t cutting it.

The razor blades themselves are excellent, but they come in *20* hard plastic cases (5 in each small case). Even if you switched to safety razors to help the environment, you’re still generating waste that’s tough to recycle.

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Wow! This is my first time using these blades, and I’m really pleased with the results! I didn’t leave the bathroom with a slew of red flags flying around my head!


  • 1 blade lasts over a week; and I shave my pits 1x per day, ‘nether region’ every 3 days, and my arms/legs 1x per week!
  • Great deal compared to the $9 for 20ct package + plastic free Rockwell blades that I bought when I ordered my Rockwell safety razor at an online zero waste store
  • Sharp + lasts longer: The Rockwell razors I originally bought were absurdly dull in comparison; just 1 blade barely shaved my southern region, let alone my pits, arms and legs without being completely dull afterwards


  • Unnecessarily wasteful packaging: the box itself is sealed in plastic, as are the individual packages inside that contain just 5 blades



#03 – 50 GILLETTE Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades Made in Russia



This is not a Gillette; the metal has corroded, the lettering has faded, and I am unable to return it!!!!

It’s my go-to blade since it’s so comfortable. After ordering these before, we discovered that you could receive a sample box of blades from a local razor store. But it worked out because, even after trying all the others, this blade was the best fit for me!

Although the blades appear to be quite sharp and provide a nice, comfortable shave (at a reasonable price), they irritate my ingrown hair issues.

These blades are extremely well-made! These blades guarantee a smooth and comfortable shave even for those who dislike shaving.


  • Great for me and my skin


  • Fake and used and rusty



#04 – Shark Double Edge Razor Blades, Super Stainless, 20 X 5 Count (100 blades)




We used to swear by KAI blades and pay a dollar a blade for them. we’ve been using Feather and Personna a lot lately. When they were still around, Polsilver was a favourite. In the last two decades, we’ve tried about 30 different blades.

“Mild” blades are included in the package. “Well, this works, do we really need to go try a number of blades and figure out which one is best for me?” we wondered after using a few.


  • Very Simple & Clean Razors in Good Quantities


  • Not as good as the Shark Super Chrome



#05 – Dorco ST300 Platinum Extra Double Edge Razor Blades – 100 Ct



These shave well and stay sharp (we’ve used the same blade for a month and it’s still great).

Even if you don’t use them again, there are enough blades to last you a long time.

Razor blades are extremely important to some people. The variations between blades, in my opinion, are minor. All of the ratings are around 4.6, with the lowest at 4.5 and the highest at 4.8 – in other words, they’re all good.

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These are extremely inexpensive, with double edge blades costing a dollar or more each at chain pharmacies. The quality is on par with that of well-known brands.


  • Cheap sharp and efficient


  • Incredible value



#06 – Gillette Venus Intimate Grooming Razors for Women, 1 Venus Razor Bikini Trimmer




This is now a requirement for me. It works wonders and leaves your bikini area feeling silky smooth. we’ve always used drugstore razors, and wow, does this one make a difference.

This is like Gillette Skinguard, but with a more upscale box and a 1/3 higher price.

Because they are only two blades, you must repeatedly shave the same area to achieve even a semblance of a flawless shave. My skin has never been so inflamed in my life, and I’ve only used it twice. When compared to the 5-blade, it’s truly awful.

This razor isn’t going to get the job done.


  • Razor leaves this area so smooth!


  • Very disappointed!



#07 – 100 Silver Blue Double Edge Razor Blades Made in Russia by 7 O’clock




We’ve been using this blade for years. It can only be found on the internet. Individual blades are customarily wrapped in wax paper before being overwrapped with a branded and printed overwrap.

My beard is thick, and it cuts like butter through the new Gillette Mach3/5 razors. If we get more than two comfortable shaves out of one of those cartridges, it’ll be a miracle.

My skin tone is white, but my father is black, thus we consider ourselves to be “Half-African.” So there’s his hair, then there’s the shaving issue that black men have.

After a streak of bad blades from the third world, we decided to update, and these blades came highly recommended.


  • Great for black men


  • Very good blades I’ll never buy again



#08 – NEW 100 Shaving Safety Razor Double Edge Blades of 10 Top Brands – Feather ASTRA PERSONNA.Sampler Pack




We’ll be honest, not sure what looking for in a good blade, but I’m hoping this bundle will help me find it out. hoping this will last me the entire year, and excited to embark on this adventure. It would strongly advise anyone who is new to safety razors to purchase it. There was no better offer anywhere.

We can’t comment on the quality because we’ve only recently started using the blades, but as a newbie safety razor user who knows nothing about blades, We believe this is a good deal.

As a baseline for comparison, We used a Merkur razor and Cremo Original shave cream for all of these blades.

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  • Wide variety of razor blades to try
  • This is a cheap way to find the razor blade that works best for you without spending big money
  • Package comes with 100 blades. This supply can last for at least 6 months
  • Some blades are packaged with built in disposal


  • Not all razor blades are created equal. You will learn that when switching blades and trying out different brands



#09 – 50 FEATHER Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades 5’s




We have really sensitive skin, and almost every razor we’ve tried has given me burns, but this one only needs one pass for a truly clean shave. We’ve tried almost every razor on the market and have yet to find one that we like better. This item comes with a strong recommendation.

Because this is a consolidated review, the same thing will appear on five distinct products. They’re used together, and we believe they’re connected.

When you first start shaving, you should be cautious. Whatever approach you take, you’ll need razors that are both sharp and well-made.

The razor-sharp edges of feathers are well-known. We saw a few customer reviews in which consumers claimed they received phoney Feather razors and were unsure how this happened.


  • Very sharp but costly
  • Good quality blades
  • Efficient blade indeed


  • Sharp equals smooth



#10 – MANSCAPED Electric Groin Hair Trimmer, The Lawn Mower 4.0




Although this is a fantastic razor, it must be used with extreme caution. If you don’t pay close enough attention to the angle you’re using it, it might still create nicks and cuts.

In the same way as any other electric razor. The on/off button is sensitive and not in the best location; a tiny movement of your finger turns it off or to another setting.

We cut myself in that place right away. I’ve used Philips Norelco for a year and this has never happened to me.

The Lawnmower 3.0 received a lot of negative feedback for allowing water inside and ruining the razor’s internals.


  • Good quality but still cuts


  • Dangerous!



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