GEOFFREY BINGHAM, 1919 – 2009, was an Australia author, soldier, prisoner of war, farmer, Anglican minister, evangelist, missionary, theologian, entrepreneur and down-to-earth thinker about life, love and community.
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Bingham authored hundreds of books, studies, audio and visual resources. Many of his recorded messages are available to stream and download on SermonAudio.

As this site develops, links to his books will be published here. All books and studies can also be downloaded as a ZIP file from the New Creation archive


Category Title & PDF Download Format Code
Allegorical Novel Love Unto Glory Literature 395
Angels What’s All This About Angels Teaching 156
Anger & Injustice Justice Men & the Great Rage (The) Teaching 92
Anger & Tranquility Angry Heart or Tranquil Mind? Pastoral 5
Apostle Paul Paul, the Pursued & the Pursuer of God Teaching 116
Apostolic Faith Apostolic Faith in Today’s World (Pastors’ School 1998 evening studies) Teaching 324
Authority of Love All Things Are Yours Teaching 255
Autobiographical Story, Moral Power Story of the Rice Cakes (The) The search for sanity in POW camp Literature 356
Autobiography My Beloved Family Literature 345
Bible Commentary Epistle to the Romans (The) [overview] Teaching 305
Bible Commentary Romans: Introduction to the Epistle Teaching 365
Bible Commentary: 1 Thessalonians Commentary: 1 Thessalonians (A Letter to a Living Church) Teaching 208
Bible commentary: Acts Commentary: Acts Teaching 29
Bible Commentary: Colossians Commentary: Colossians (The Fulness of Christ) Teaching 184
Bible Commentary: Colossians Fullness of Christ (The): Commentary on Colossians Teaching 184
Bible Commentary: Ecclesiaistes Commentary: Ecclesiastes (The Wisdom of Koheleth) Teaching 234
Bible commentary: Ephesians Commentary: Ephesians Teaching 31
Bible Commentary: Ephesians Commentary: Ephesians (One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism) Teaching 317
Bible Commentary: Ephesians Family of God (The) Studies in Ephesians Teaching 56
Bible commentary: Galatians Commentary: Galatians Teaching 32
Bible Commentary: Hebrews Commentary: Hebrews Teaching 310
Bible commentary: John Commentary: John Teaching 33
Bible Commentary: Mark Commentary: Mark Teaching 34
Bible commentary: Philippians Commentary: Philippians Teaching 36
Bible Commentary: Revelation Commentary & Essays: Revelation of St John the Divine (The) Teaching 261
Bible commentary: Revelation Commentary: Revelation (2nd ed) Teaching 37
Bible Commentary: Romans Commentary: Romans: Introduction to the Epistle Teaching 365
Bible Commentary: Romans Commentary: Romans (Overview of Epistle to the Romans) Teaching 305
Bible Commentary: Solomon Commentary: Song of Solomon (Love Is Stronger than Death) Teaching 250
Bible Commentary: Song of Solomon Love is Stronger than Death Teaching 250
Bible Commentary: Thessalonians Letter to a Living Church (A) (Studies in 1 Thessalonians) Teaching 208
Bible Commentary: Titus Letter to Titus: Apostolic Delegate Teaching 287
Bible Commentary: Titus Commentary: Titus (Letter to Titus: Apostolic Delegate) Teaching 287
Bible commentary:Mark Commentary: 1 Peter (updated and reprinted 2005 ) Teaching 35
6 Bible Studies with discussion questions Towards Christian Maturity Teaching 146
Bible Study How to Study the Bible Teaching 83
Biblical Counselling Direct Biblical Counselling Teaching 172
Biblical Counselling Grace of Counselling (The) Pastoral 260
Biblical Counselling Meaning & Making of Man (The) Studies in Theological Anthropology Teaching 244
Biblical Counselling Wisdom of God & the Healing of Man (The) Teaching 243
Biblical Counselling Wonderful Counsellor Teaching 199
Biblical Teaching River of God (The) Teaching 371
Biography Love is the Spur Literature 400
Christ & the Church Christ’s Living Church Today Teaching 266
Christian Counselling Practical Christian Counselling Teaching 121
Christian Meditation Christian Meditator (The) Teaching 163
Christ’s Blessings Fullness of the Blessing of Christ (The) (Pastors’ School 1996 evening studies) Teaching 308
Christ’s Church Christ’s Living Church Today (Pastors’ School 1997 evening studies) Teaching 316
Christ’s Words from the Cross Word & the Words of the Cross (The) 7 Bible Studies Teaching 160
Church Church, Life & Relationships (The) Teaching 26
Church & Power Church Today and the Power of God (The) Teaching 27
Church Eldership Shepherds of the Flock—Eldership in the Scriptures Pastoral 129
Church, Telos Beautiful City of God (The) Teaching 377
Commentary (overview) An Introduction to the Epistle to the Romans Teaching 365
Confession Question & Comfort of Confession (The) Teaching 123
Conscience Law and Grace Conscience Conquering or Conquered? Teaching 178
Counselling-Pastoral Biblical Way of Counselling (A) Teaching 11
Covenant Comprehending the Covenant Teaching 346
Covenant Theology Love’s Most Glorious Covenant Teaching 314
Creation & Powers Dynamics of Creature & Creation (The) Teaching 53
Creation, Man, Rebellion, Reconciliation Creation & Reconciliation Teaching 190
Death , Dying, Hope Dear Death or Dark Devourer? Pastoral 233
Discipleship Discipleship: Doom or Delight Teaching 49
Doctrine / Theology Christ and The Triune Glory Teaching 376
Doctrine, Theology Searching for God Teaching 366
Doctrine,Theology, Law Law of Eternal Delight Teaching 373
Ecclesial Community Beloved Community of God (The) Teaching 388
Effectual Calling-Sovereignty God’s Calling: Our Response Teaching 232
Evangelism Evangelism: Principles and Practices of Teaching 360
Evangelism Principles and Practice of Evangelism Teaching 360
Faith, Hope, Love Living in Faith, Hope & Love Teaching 100
Faith,justification,Conversion, New Birth Faith, Justification, Conversion & the New Birth Teaching 21
Family Comprehending the Family of God and Man Teaching 351
Fatherhood of God Father! My Father! Teaching 57
Fatherhood of God God & Father of Us All (The) Teaching 63
Fatherhood of God I Love the Father [2nd ed] Teaching 242
Fatherhood of God Oh, Father! Our Father! Teaching 111
Finality of the Cross Beyond the Cross Teaching 217
Forgiveness Freely Flows Forgiveness Teaching 61
Four Bible Studies & Questions Word of Life (The) Teaching 161
Freedom in Christ Christian Freedom: Crisis and Process Teaching 409
Fruit of Holy Spirit Spirit’s Harvest (The) Teaching 198
Fruitfulness Comprehending Fruitfulness of God Teaching 367
Glory, Mystery Glory of the Mystery & the Mystery of the Glory (The) Teaching 329
Glory,Resurrection, Cross All Cry, ‘Glory’ Teaching 355
God and Man Relationships/ Sexuality God’s Glory, Man’s Sexuality Teaching 205
God and Man-Pastoral Ministry For Pastors & the People Teaching 228
God, Man & Humanity Everlasting Presence (The) Teaching 239
God’s Guidance God Is a Goodly Guide Teaching 64
Gospel Basics First Principles (The) Teaching 59
Grace Great & Glorious Grace Teaching 204
Grace / Stewardship Giving and Thanksgiving in the Church (Pastors’ School 2000 evening studies) Teaching 363
Holiness Christian Doctrine of Holiness (The) Teaching 23
Holiness Everything in Beautiful Array Teaching 349
Holiness Splendour of Holiness (The) Teaching 133
Holy Spirit Christian & the Holy Spirit (The) Teaching 22
Holy Spirit Day of the Spirit (The) Teaching 44
Holy Spirit Day of the Spirit (The) (Pastors’ School evening 1999) Teaching 348
Holy Spirit, Baptism, Pentecost Baptism in the Holy Spirit (The) (2003) Teaching 389
Holy Spirit, Creation, Glory Holy Spirit Creation and Glory (The) Teaching 353
Holy Spirit, Spirit Baptism Spirit-Baptism: Spirit-Living (2nd edn) Teaching 135
Human Relationships Role & Purpose of Man & Woman (The) Teaching 291
Identity Discovering Your Identity Teaching 50
Idolatry Dear Darling Idols: Lords & Gods Piffling & Appalling Teaching 45
justification Comprehending Justification Teaching 384
Kingdom of God Comprehending the Kingdom of God Teaching 354
Kingdom of God & Action of Satan Clash of the Kingdoms (The) Teaching 229
Knowing God Can a Man Know God? Teaching 18
Knowing God or Knowledge Knowledge of God (The)3rd ed. Teaching 93
Law Sweeter than Honey: More Precious than Gold Teaching 303
Law and Grace Oh, No, Lord! Not Law, Lord?!! Teaching 112
Leadership, Community True God or New Guru? Teaching 148
Liberation Living in Liberation Teaching 168
Love & Liberty Liberating Love [3rd edn] Teaching 94
Love & life, semi fiction Where I Love I Live (2nd ed) Teaching 157
Love (theology of) Ah Strong Strong Love Literature 271
Love of God Constraining Love Teaching 39
Love, Allegorical novel Beyond Mortal Love Literature 344
Love, Allegorical Novel Strong as the Sun (h/b) (1st book in trilogy) Literature 340
Love, Allegorical Novel Strong as the Sun (p/b) (1st book in trilogy) Literature 339
Love: Short Stories Twice Conquering Love (h/b) literature 265
Love: Short Stories Twice Conquering Love (p/b) Teaching 258
Love: Submission & Authority Authority & Submission of Love (The) Teaching 7
Man & Woman & Being Human Man Is—What? Teaching 103
Man & Woman Being Human Man of Dust! Man of Glory! Teaching 164
Man and Woman Heavenly Vision (The) Teaching 200
Man, Woman & Being Human I, the Man Teaching 84
Man, Woman & Sexuality Man, Woman & Sexuality (2nd ed) Teaching 105
Marriage Love and Marriage Teaching 294
Marriage, Mystery Profound Mystery (The) Teaching 292
Memory, Forgiveness Cleansing of the Memories (The) Teaching 180
Memory, Forgiveness Cleansing of the Memories (The): Spanish Teaching 180s
Mercy Magnificence of Mercy (The) Teaching 361
Millennium Matter of the Millennium (The) Teaching 246
Mission, Evangelism God and Man in the Mission of the Kingdom Teaching 393
Mission, Gospel Proclamation Proclaiming Christ’s Gospel in Today’s World Teaching 176
Novel/ Story Tall Grow the Tallow-woods Literature 336
Pastoral Counselling Pastoral Dynamics for Pastors & People (book one) Teaching 357
People at the Cross Come! Let Us Go to Calvary! Teaching 313
People of God, Community Christ’s People in Today’s World Teaching 25
Poetry Harps, Viols & Goodly Guitars literature 75
Poetry, Anthology All Things of the Spirit poetry 312
Poetry, Anthology Songs of War and Peace (Poetry) Literature 341
Poetry, Anthology Spirit of All Things (The) Teaching 332
Power and Weakness Weakness of Man & the Power of God (The) Teaching 17
Prayer Come Let Us Pray Teaching 203
Prayer Commanded to Joy Teaching 28
Preaching True Preaching: the Agony & the Ecstasy Teaching 222
Preaching, Evangelism Eager to Preach Teaching
Prophecy Is Prophecy for Today? Teaching 89
Reconciliation Wrath of His Love: Studies in the Wrath of God and of Man Teaching 392
Reign of Christ Christ the Conquering King! Teaching 13
Relational Hierarchy God, Man & Woman in Today’s World Teaching 165
Repentance & Forgiveness Commanded Repentance & Full Forgiveness Teaching 20
Resurrection Comprehending the Resurrection Teaching 368
Revival Dry Bones Dancing! Teaching 52
Revival Revival God Gives (The) Teaching 394
Revival Reviving the Humble Teaching 249
Sabbath Sabbath Rest or Human Turmoil? Teaching 126
Salvation God, Man, Sin and Salvation Teaching 290
Salvation History (16 studies) Salvation History 1st Edition Teaching 127
Salvation History (16 studies) Salvation History Revised Edition 2008 Teaching 420
Salvation history, allegory, fantasy Bright Bird and Shining Sails Literature 12
Salvation, the Atonement Saving Work of Christ (The) Teaching 167
Satan. World System, Christ’s Victory Dominion of Darkness & the Victory of God (The) Teaching 51
Servants Sons of God are the Servants of All (The) Teaching 132
Short Stories Angel Wings Literature 4
Short Stories Artist_in_the Garden (The) Literature 402
Short Stories At the End of His Tether Literature 6
Short Stories Boy in the Valley (The) Literature 334
Short Stories Boy the Girl & the Man (The) Teaching 206
Short Stories Concentration Camp (The) and other stories literature 38
Short Stories Days & Dreams of Arcady (The) literature 46
Short Stories Laughing Gunner (The) & selected war stories Literature 333
Short Stories Lion on the Road (The) Literature 338
Short Stories Mr Hicken’s Pears Literature 343
Short Stories Mr Piffy Comes Home Literature 337
Short Stories No Life Without Dryads Literature 383
Short Stories Primarily for Parsons (3 short stories ) Literature 188
Short Stories Raymond Connection (The) and Other Stories Teaching 124
Short Stories Return of the Lorikeets (The) Literature 342
Short Stories To Command the Cats & Other Stories Literature 144
Short Stories Translation of Mr Piffy (The) republished as 337 Mr Piffy Comes Home Literature 147
Short Stories Vandal (The) Literature 241
Short Stories Glory on the Inside: Three Special Stories 429
Short Stories Short_Story_of_the Life of Faith (A) Teaching 405
Short Stories, Essays I Saw, in the Night, Visions Literature 85
Short Stories, Essays Stranger in the Cemetery (The) literature 254
Short Stories, Essays Where Conies Dwell Literature 280
Short Stories, Essays, Poems God & the Ghostown Literature 67
Short Stories, Essays, Poems This Building Fair Literature 211
Sickness & Healing—Pastoral Wounding & the Healing (The) (3rd ed) Teaching 162
Signs and Wonders God & Man in Signs & Wonders Teaching 221
Sin Confession If We Say We Have No Sin …. Teaching 183
Stewardship Man the Steward of Creation Teaching 104
Stories, Semi fiction Three Special Stories (Now published as ‘Glory on the Inside’ 429) Literature 143
Suffering Fellowship of Suffering (The) Teaching 177
Systematic Theology Things We Firmly Believe (The) (2nd ed) Teaching 139
Theology Living Faith Series, vol. 1 nos. 1 – 10 (2nd ed) Teaching 95
Theology Living Faith Series, vol. 2 nos. 11 – 20 (2nd ed) Teaching 96
Theology Living Faith Series, vol. 3 nos. 21 – 30 (2nd ed) Teaching 97
Theology Living Faith Series, vol. 4 nos. 31 – 40 (2nd ed) Teaching 98
Theology Living Faith Series, vol. 5 nos. 41 – 50 (2nd ed) Teaching 99
Theology of Creation, Covenant Creation & the Liberating Glory Teaching 401
Trinitarian Theology (Perichoresis) Trinitarian Theology: Human Unity & Relationships (Pastors’ School 1991) Teaching 253
Trinity Meaning & Significance of the Trinity (The) Teaching 19
Triune Lordship Living under Lordship [2nd ed] Bible Study Notes & Discussion) Teaching 102
True Hope Hope without Shame Teaching 182
Truth Truth: the Golden Girdle Teaching 149
Truth Truthing of the Truth Teaching 150
Truth & anti-Christ Denying the Truth Teaching 187
War Journal ‘ Through’ magazine Literature 252
Will of God Knowing & Doing the Will of God Teaching 224
Work of Christ, Theology Person & Work of Christ (The) Teaching 118
Work of Holy Spirit, Theology Person & Work of the Holy Spirit (The) Teaching 119
Work of the Cross Christ’s Cross over Man’s Abyss Teaching 41
Worship Way & Wonder of Worship (The) Teaching 235
Various speakers
Apostolic Faith Apostolic Faith in Today’s World (Pastors’ School 1998 morning studies) Teaching 323
Christ’s reign Christ the Conquering King! (Summer School 1986) Teaching 14
Doctrine /Theology/Studies Christ’s Gospel to God’s World (Pastors’ School 2001) Teaching 374
Christ’s Church Christ’s Living Church Today (Pastors’ School 1997 morning studies) Teaching 315
Gospel Proclamation Christ’s Message for Today’s World (Vic/WA Pastors’ School 1993) Teaching 269
Worship, Priesthood, Temple, Church Christ’s Priestly Community (Ministry School 2006) Teaching 407
Church & Kingdom Church & the Kingdom of God (The) (Pastors’ School 1993) Teaching 270
Church, Christ’s Lordship Church under Lordship (The) (Pastors’ School 1988) Teaching 210
Prayer Come Let Us Pray (Winter School ’87) Teaching 185
Church & Kingdom Crisis in Church & Kingdom (Pastors’ School 1989) Teaching 227
Holy Spirit Day of the Spirit (The) (Winter School 1981) Teaching 43
Holy Spirit Day of the Spirit (The) (Pastors’ School morning 1999) Teaching 347
Will of God Delighting in God’s Will (Winter School 1984) Teaching 48
Covenant Blessing Fullness of the Blessing of Christ (The) (Pastors’ School 1996 mnorning studies) Teaching 307
Grace / Stewardship Giving and Thanksgiving in the Church (Pastors’ School 2000 morning studies) Teaching 362
Revival God Sends Revival (Summer school 1984) Teaching 65
Covenant & Church God’s Covenant & Christ’s Church (Pastors’ School 1995) Teaching 296
Covenant God’s Covenant: Man’s Crisis (Winter School 1985) Teaching 68
God’s Gifts God’s Inexpressible Gifts (Spring School 1986) Teaching 169
God’s Holy Love Goodness & Severity of God (The) (Winter School 1988) Teaching 207
Redemption Grace Upon Grace (Ministry School 2004) School 399
Grace Great & Glorious Grace (Pastors’ School 1992) Teaching 259
Holiness Holiness of God & Man (The) (School 1980) Teaching 80
Liberation Liberated Pastor and His People (The) Pastors’ School 1990 Teaching 240
Trinitarian Living Life in Father, Son & Holy Spirit (Summer School 1988) Teaching 201
Covenant Living in Continuous Covenant (Winter School 1989) Teaching 226
Fruit of the Holy Spirit Living in the Harvest of the Spirit (Spring School 1988) Teaching 213
Last Times Living in the Last Times (Summer School 1989) Teaching 219
Pastors Pastor in Life & Ministry (The) (School 1987) Teaching 194
Pastoral Proclamation Pastoral Proclamation & Worship in Today’s World (Pastors’ School 1986) Teaching 114
People of God People of God, Yesterday, Today & Forever (The) (Summer School 1982) Teaching 117
Power & Preaching of the Cross Power and Preaching of the Cross (Summer School 1985) Teaching 120
Gospel Proclamation Proclaiming the Gospel in All the World (Summer School 1987) Teaching 173
Pastoral Trinitarian Theology Relationships: Divine & human (School 1994 ) Teaching 284
Truth Sure of the Truth (Winter School 1983) Teaching 136
Worship Way & Wonder of Worship(The) (WA Pastors’ School 1995) Teaching 293
God’s Eternal Being Who Was & Is & Is to Come (WA & Vic Pastors’ School 1994) Teaching 281
True Witness Witnesses of These Things (Winter School 1982) Teaching 158
Worship Wonder of Worship (The) (Winter School 1986) Teaching 159
Blessings / Judgements Blessings and the Judgements (The) Teaching 370
Newness of Life Making All Things New (Spring School 1987) Teaching 192
Baptised into Christ Jesus Teaching 421
Ministry School 2008 Wisdom of God & the Healing of Man (The) Teaching 417
Reconciliation, Unity, Community Ministry & Message of Reconciliation (The) School 391
Christ’s Prophetic Community My Servants the Prophets School 404
Replaced by 424 New Creation Hymn Book 2001 Music 378
Hymns New Creation Hymn Book 2010 Music words 424
Holy Spirit Sharper than a Two-Edged Sword (Ministry School 2002) Teaching 385
Ministry School 2010 Shepherds after God’s Own Heart Teaching 425
Ministry School 2011 Word of God and the Armies of Heaven (The) Teaching 428